miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2006

Speaking Comments


I liked the topics of the articles that I read and to do this type of exercises. I also find it difficult to pronounce the words that I didn’t know their meaning. Besides, at first, I was a lit bit nervous because I am not accustomed to hear myself when I am reading in English.


I liked the topics of the articles that I read. Again, I find it difficult to pronounce some words that were in the reading. At the same time, I had the opportunity to learn them, and I hope that I can remember them in order to improve my lexicon.

Note: Teacher, please first listen to side B of the cassette. It is ready for you to hear it. I had some technical problems. I was able to record the four articles; the other two are in side A.


I considered that the articles I read this month were difficult. They had many complex words such as: tsetse fly, abattoir, parallax, thoroughly, ingot, shepherd, and their pronunciation was also a little bit hard. I did not know the meaning of most of them, but I really like the fact of learning new words in order to increase my lexicon. Therefore, even though I had some difficulties, when I heard myself I was able to understand most of what I recorded. This made me feel very proud about myself, and of the fact that I do not have a bad pronunciation in English.

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