martes, 5 de diciembre de 2006

Reading Report 4


I found this reading very interesting because it gave me many ideas of how I can improve my vocabulary. Besides, it was good for me to know that there are many web pages that
I can consult on the Internet, which will help me to learn develop my lexicon. Finally, I think vocabulary is very important because it helps to understand what we read and write. Also, I have noticed that most of the time, when we do not know a word, we do not bother to look up for it, and most of the time we are afraid to ask their meaning because we do not want to make a fool about ourselves.
Afterwards, I made one of the exercises called The Dating Game quiz I. It was very interesting because I had to label a pair of words with an S if I thought they were synonyms, an A if I thought they were antonyms, and finally with an X if I thought they were incompatible. Therefore, the first time I made the quiz a got a 55%, the second time I got a 70% and the third time I got an 80% until I finally got a 100%.

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