jueves, 7 de diciembre de 2006

Final Paper

Is Code Switching an Example of Language Interference?

Throughout the process of language learning there are many factors that take place. Besides, most learners have to deal with the fact that most of the errors and mistakes that they make are caused by language interference. Specifically, code switching has been considered an example of language interference, and an example of language development between learners.
First of all, Crystal (1987) has suggested that code switching might occur for many reasons. For example, when the learner tries to compensate his deficiencies of the language that s/he is learning s/he will switch to another language. In fact, this might occur if the speaker is tired or angry. Also, if the speaker wishes to express solidarity with a particular social group, s/he will switch to another language in order to exclude others from his/her conversation. Finally, the speaker will change to another language if s/he tries to convey his/her attitude to the listener. Therefore, these are some examples that demonstrate that code switching is actually used by the learners as a socio-linguistic tool.
On the other hand, many teachers have stated that code switching might be used as a tool for second language teaching. For instance, it is used when teachers start giving explanations in their first language and then they switch to the language that they are teaching or vice versa. In addition, code switching is very useful for those students whose first language is different because it will give them the opportunity to learn each other’s language when they are working in groups or pairs. In sum, code switching might be viewed as an effective teaching strategy, and as a chance for the learners to develop their communicative skills.
In conclusion, I think that it is very important to consider the role that code switching has in second language teaching. It might be viewed, as both, interference when it is used to compensate language difficulties, and as a socio-linguistic tool when it is used for second language learning and teaching.


miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2006

Speaking Intro

Speaking is one of the skills that we must improve because is constantly changing. Therefore, I add here some interesting sites that you can visit in order to develop your speaking skills.

Speaking Comments


I liked the topics of the articles that I read and to do this type of exercises. I also find it difficult to pronounce the words that I didn’t know their meaning. Besides, at first, I was a lit bit nervous because I am not accustomed to hear myself when I am reading in English.


I liked the topics of the articles that I read. Again, I find it difficult to pronounce some words that were in the reading. At the same time, I had the opportunity to learn them, and I hope that I can remember them in order to improve my lexicon.

Note: Teacher, please first listen to side B of the cassette. It is ready for you to hear it. I had some technical problems. I was able to record the four articles; the other two are in side A.


I considered that the articles I read this month were difficult. They had many complex words such as: tsetse fly, abattoir, parallax, thoroughly, ingot, shepherd, and their pronunciation was also a little bit hard. I did not know the meaning of most of them, but I really like the fact of learning new words in order to increase my lexicon. Therefore, even though I had some difficulties, when I heard myself I was able to understand most of what I recorded. This made me feel very proud about myself, and of the fact that I do not have a bad pronunciation in English.

Speaking Sites




Listening Intro

Listening is one of the most interesting and funny skills to practice. I consider that it is one of the language skills that we have the opportunity to practice the most.

Listening Report

I explored the following site:

ELLLO: English Language Listening Lab Online. Listen to English speakers from all over the world. Over 400 listening activities that include quizzes and texts. New listening every day.

Baby Stuff Listen to things associated with babies. What things are part of a baby's life?

I liked this site very much because the listening exercise that I did was very easy and humorous. Also, while I was listening to the audio, the person who was reading the text was making funny noises. In addition, I answered a game quiz in which I got all my answers right.

I didn’t find any difficulty because the person who was reading the text did not read it very quickly.

Listening sites