miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2006


Tommy: Are you going to tell the teacher that you did steal the test?

Sue: I don’t know. But, I have been thinking about telling the teacher the truth.

Tommy: Well, Pam told me that she saw you when you were looking for something in the teacher’s desk. She was going to the bathroom. You do know Pam, don’t you? She doesn’t like you at all.

Sue: Oh know! She will tell the teacher that she saw me. I’d better stop thinking about it. I did see Pam the other day. But, I never thought that she had seen me.

Tommy: You’re in trouble Sue, and I do mean it. Pam does know how to harm you this time.

Sue: I do know Tommy. What am I going to do?

Tommy: Well, you can talk to the teacher tomorrow at lunch time if she’s not drinking coffee with Mr. Moon.

Sue: That would be a problem. She does drink coffee with Mr. Moon at lunch time everyday.

Tommy: But, it will be the only chance you will have to talk to the teacher!

Sue: I know! Oh my God! What am I going to do?

Tommy: Tell the teacher the truth. You do want to pass the seventh grade, don’t you? And, by the way, let’s talk about why you did steal the test?

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